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California Buckwheat: Wild, Strong, & Beautiful

It’s July in California! All the annual wildflowers that had covered the Southern Chaparral have gone to seed. Driving on the road, you get that mid-summer feel as your view is dominated by largely grey-brown scrub, except for this one native beauty: California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum). This plant brings delight to gardeners on hot summer […]

Carol Damm’s Garden

Carol Damm has a native garden in San Francisco, designed by Alrie Middlebrook and maintained by Carol and her 6-year-old granddaughter. (Note: Alrie Middlebrook’s next book will consist of case studies, covering different styles, regions, plant communities, alternatives to lawns, habitat, children’s gardens, art, and sustainable features, such as greywater, food gardens, 12 months of […]

Mary David’s Redwood Grove Garden

Mary David’s Redwood Grove Garden is under construction. Each section is derived from the plant communities that are naturally occurring on the site, as well as chaparral and coast bluff, which we have selected for areas that were disturbed by the home’s construction. In addition to the redwood grove, there is mixed evergreen woodland, oak […]