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Soil Science

Mediterranean Ecosystems An examination of California’s geological and climatic heritage Mediterranean EcosystemsA Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot, almost completely dry summers, followed by wet and cold winters. This type of weather is commonly found between latitudes 34°-45° in both hemispheres, covering the Mediterranean Basin, California, central Chile, the Cape region of South Africa, along with […]

Plant of the month – Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars are blooming!!!  Sally’s Shooting Star Sidewalk Sale is this Saturday and Sunday onFebruary 27th and 28th at her San Jose house, at 1847 Rochelle Drive, near Leigh and Curtner, from11:00 AM am to 2:00 PM.  Lovely 1-gallons going for $12.00 and ~1/2 gallons for a mere $9.00. Shooting Stars in Their Native Habitat Plus all the proceeds help fund […]

Arroyo Willow: the Cultural Pillar of your Native garden

To many gardeners, when it comes to choosing plants for their native garden, aesthetic pleasure is not the only thing that matters. Sometimes, historical value and practical use are also taken into consideration. If you’re the type of gardener who appreciates history and the wonderful world of ethnobotany, Arroyo Willow (Salix lasiolepis) should be a good choice […]

Garden Changes at McKinley Middle School

McKinley Middle School recently implemented the ELSEE project-based learning program, which matches the core curriculum standard required by the state. It is a healthy land use model and learning laboratory, which not only teaches students native ecology and sustainability and raises test scores, but also generates income for long-term sustainability of the garden. We are working […]

ELSEE: Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Environmental Education

The ELSEE (Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Environmental Education) program is a teaching laboratory model designed and built to the highest standards of sustainable architecture and sustainable site development. The goal is to provide youthful citizens with the values and skills to develop and sustainably manage urban environments, for today and in the future. The ELSEE model […]