Sustainable Landscape Alliance

LogoTo implement the Healthy Land Use Model the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF) reachedout to landscaping companies known for their experience with and long-term commitment to sustainable practices. These three companies, Middlebrook Gardens, Cagwin and Dorward, and Earthcare Landscaping are leaders in the field of sustainable landscape design, construction, and maintenance. These companies formed the Sustainable Landscape Alliance (SLA) to transition traditional landscapes to sustainable landscapes by using the Healthy Land Use Model. We see sustainability as a multifaceted goal that restores ecosystem services, promotes innovative solutions, and provides healthy food and a healthy environment. The SLA is familiar with LEED, The Sustainable Sites Initiative, Lose The Lawn, Bay Friendly and River Friendly Landscaping, and uses the concepts behind these rating systems to create thoughtful and appropriate landscapes. We aim to restore and promote the health of individuals and the environment with beautiful, site specific, and enjoyable landscapes.  
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