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 One reason for the project’s success is the commitment of local and global partners to work together to achieve the common goals. People from many different backgrounds are planning, digging, composting, planting, and teaching together to make a difference. These partnerships continue to expand and grow as the project moves forward. This page recognizes many  of the people who are key to the projects success

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 The people of Yamoransa

In particular:

The Yamoransa Community Development Committee (YCDC) which  has overall responsibility for the project and consists of all recognized traditional, religious, political, occupational, and gender-based groups in the community. The YCDC has created a sub-committee, known as the Environment and Health Committee for the Yamoransa Garden Project which oversees day to day operations and decision making in Yamoransa.

The Yamoransa Green Club is made up of men and women who live in Yamoransa and American Field Service volunteers. It organizes the village compost and to date has  produced over 18” of aged compost for the garden plots

  Yale Alumni Service Corps (YASC)

The YASC leadership  including Mark Dollhopf and Kathy Edershein, its membership, affiliates, and its available resources for this project. The Yale partnership was initiated in 2012. 


American Field Services In Ghana

American Field Service in Ghana under the leadership of Mr. Kwame Otcher

The Universities of Ghana

In Particular UCC. (Cape Coast University) where the professors and students have been working in the community since 2010 and have been key to modifying and ensuring the Garden plans and needs to met Ghana’s needs. 

Leading this work is:

The Department of Population and Health lead by Professor Kofi Awusabo-Asare. Dr. Awusabo-Asare studies the nutritional health of Yamoransa since 2010, and actively mentors student research projects that teach sustainability.

The School of Agriculture lead by Professor Elvis Bedaiko.  Dr. Bedaiko is the lead researcher in studying selection and growing methods of native and ancestral plants to Ghana’s coastal savannah.

The Department of Environmental Science lead by Professor Daniel Addo. 

Awo Otchere

 A talented writer and poet who has produced books and lessons for the Methodist Church school adjacent to the flagship garden

Faustina Amuzu

Faustina Amuzu. Faustinais the leader of the AFS Composting green team and visits Yamoransa weekly to monitor and improve composting efforts.


Dr. Gloria Djagbletey

From the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture

Victoria  Asawe 

Agriculturist at Ministry of Food and Agriculture,Cape Coast region

Nana Asawe 

Conductor of the Ghana Symphony

The California Native Garden Foundation (CNFG)

The California Native Garden Foundation, its members, partners and the internship programs at its affiliated universities in California,including University of California at Davis; San Jose State University; Santa Clara University; University of California, Berkeley extension; Stanford University; Cal Poly Pomona and several community colleges.  In particular CNGF’s President and Founder, Alrie Middlebrook who is one of the key leaders and sponsors of the project, has already been  to Yamoransa 3 times with a 4th visit planned in November 2015, and is in constant communication across all the partners to drive the project forward.

 The Community of Los Gatos, California

In particular Los Gatos High School and students in AP Environmental Science Class. The students at Los Gatos High School have written a book about the children of Yamoransa and their garden story. This book includes poems written by Awo Otchere and beautifully illustrates the wonderful changes happening in Yamoransa.

For information on the overall project, additional information on past visits, details on the next visit, or for supplementary materials click on the appropriate photos below :


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