Ground Breaking on a Teaching Garden for Argonne Elementary School

Date: February 8th | Time:  10 am| Place: Argonne Elementary at 680 18th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121 | Cost: free

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Middlebrook Center: CNGF/ ELSEE  announces the construction of a native edible teaching garden for the Argonne Elementary School at the end of January. To kick off the ground breaking, CNGF will host an opening event  at Argonne Elementary.  Featured speaker will be principal Cami Okubo, along with Alrie Middlebrook, the media, invited guests and sponsors of the program.

Argonne’s new teaching  garden will be primarily focused on the edible native plants of California.  When the garden is completed children will enjoy hands-on activities that will help them gain an understanding and appreciation of nature’s biodiversity all around us.  Students will have real experiences by coming face to face with living/growing plants and organisms of our California local region. The students will leave with a greater understanding of the importance of the ecology and the role it plays.  The program’s overall objective is to create a new generation of responsible stewards of the environment.

CNGF/ELSEE  has extensive experience building teaching gardens to help educate students.  CNGF and its president, Alrie Middlebrook, invite you to attend the ground breaking and celebration.

Come and learn more about our current and future garden projects and opportunities contribute and volunteer.  Press is invited. For more information please go to and





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