The Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education — ELSEE — is a childhood learning laboratory in an urban San Jose neighborhood that provides the citizens of tomorrow with the values and skills to develop and sustainably manage the City of Tomorrow. Tomorrow’s city prioritizes the protection and perpetuation of its local ecology, provides the production of local healthy foods, and instills a philosophy of stewardship rooted in the protection of our soils, water and air. Most inner city public schools sit in a sea of concrete. These under-utilized school lands provide unparalleled opportunities to bridge the environmental gap between the school and the neighborhood. By 2014, ecology-based curriculum will be required standards in California schools. Future generations will be taught their local ecology as they are now taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. ELSEE represents a change in the way we appraoch education and underscores the environmental imperative faced by our society as a whole.    The design, construction, and management of ELSEE provide opportunities for students and adults to learn the technology and land use principles that will sustain them without compromising the needs of future generations. The range of demonstration technologies and landscaping techniques to provide intimate teaching venues that facilitate application-based learning and hands-on experience. ELSEE is a prototype for schools and communities everywhere



Middlebrook Center Brochure

Middlebrook Center Brochure



Our Brochure



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The ELSEE living laboratory in San Jose, CA (watch on YouTube)

21 Common Questions about ELSEE

ELSEE is sponsored by the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF). Check back to this web site to learn more and watch the progress!


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