Independence High School Aquaponics System

Our project at Independence High School (IHS) is progressing splendidly thanks to the combined efforts of many hard-working people. Here are the components for the aquaponics greenhouse we are building with the students this year.
Let’s start with the fish tank:
We are using Koi and goldfish on loan from dedicated CNGF volunteer and Koi breeder Cal Hansen. We hope to introduce Channel Catfish, and eventually Sacramento Perch in the near future.
The water exits the bottom of the fish tank (taking all the solids with it) and enters a swirl filter.
The dirty water enters the side of the swirl filter through a 90-degree elbow, creating a swirl motion in the water. The solids settle on the bottom of the tank where they can be removed, and the clear water flows out the top into the gravel grow beds.
The gravel grow beds can be used to grow larger crops, like broccoli, beans, and tomatoes, as well as some root crops. Water flows through the gravel along the bottom of the grow beds to the other side, where it enters a pipe leading to the floating raft bed.

The water is waterfall-aerated and flows from one end of the bed to the other where the now-clean water is pumped back into the fish tank to start the cycle again.
Keep up with all of our updates by visiting our website or come see the Middlebrook Gardens in person at 76 Race Street in downtown San Jose and see what we’re doing. We are open during the week until 4PM and on the weekends during events. Check our our website for updates
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