Fun garden activities this Saturday- bring your kids!

Exciting announcement! We have a new activities director, Ferrin Reidinger, who will be at Middlebrook Center, 76 Race Street, San Jose on Saturdays to meet your kids.

Ferrin, will lead free children’s activities every Saturday starting at 11 a.m.  She will welcome back “old” campers, our new sign-ups and those who are “testing the waters” as well. Come meet the chickens, bunny and turtles while you have a great time in our garden!

This will be the third summer for our camp and each year it gets better and better. We are making improvements to our garden every day to support our Saturday events that will soon lead to a fantastic summer ahead.

Ferrin Reidinger is a sophomore at San Jose State University, and she will be leading the Saturday kids activities. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and has had years of experience working with kids: as a nanny and after-school teacher. She is very passionate about the environmental field and is excited to begin work in the garden! She plans to use the Saturday Activities as a sneak peek into what will be offered in the Summer Camps. This upcoming Saturday, March 21, she will have a simple activity planned consisting of a tour of the garden, plant identification and painting. Her main goal is to build on the interests of the kids, and also introduce them to new and exciting ideas and concepts! The activities will not be rigidly structured, but instead will allow the kids a fun and interactive setting to ask questions and learn more about the environment.

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We hope to see you and our old camper friends again soon. Bring some of your best buds and have a blast!
The CNGF staff and interns
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