Our Visit to Whole Foods Foundation

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As a partner with Whole Kids Foundation, we were invited by their director, Nona Evans to participate in a celebratory event at the new opening of the Whole Foods Market Distribution Center in Richmond, Ca. This center is one of 9 centers in the US. Each center delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to all the WFM in their region every day. The Richmond Center delivers to 40 stores in Northern California.

We had the privilege of meeting the co-CEO of WFM, their regional President and other leaders in N. Cal. Along with other partners with WKF, we had an opportunity to speak with many employees of WFM and many vendors.

We asked our John Farais, our long time collaborator and indigenous edibles chef to join us and provide tasting treats of native edibles. He brought mesquite cookies, his nutrition bars made from mesquite flour, honey and sesame seeds, acorn and mesquite flour to sample.

We spoke with WFM executives about learning the ropes to launch a brand for their market. Our brand will be called “Eating California.” We also expressed an interest in working with WFM to help them create gardens for their stores that are consistent with their message of sustainability and urban food technology.

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