Thank you Clif Bar!

Everybody here at CNGF (California Native Garden Foundation) would like to thank Clif Bar for awarding us a $4,000 grant this past winter. We’re so fortunate and thankful for the grant that we received from Clif Bar. This $4,000 grant has been used in many positive ways.  We have used these funds to support our project managers who are working on training college interns, planning community events, teaching classes at our partner schools, writing grants to businesses that operate in the communities near our partner schools, documenting our healthy land use status by helping our flagship garden qualify with a four star rating as a pilot project with The Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Clif bar

All of our project managers have described below what they were able to do with this awesome grant.
Since starting my position at CNGF as the main grant writer and the leader of the Grant Writing Team in October, I have helped develop and apply for over ten grants. Our team of four interns, working closely with the president and founder, Alrie Middlebrook, has established clear goals and objectives for this next semester. We aim to identify and apply to more than five grants per month, look into partnerships and promote collaborations between our foundation and similarly interested and invested corporations, continue to make connections, and continue to our work with more of California’s school districts. This team looks forward to a fantastic semester as we further the mission and values of this organization.
Thank you.

–Samantha Barnes,

Grant Writing Team Leader


Rebecca Lucas is the Curator for the Middlebrook Center and is in touch with everything that happens in and around our busy center.

Rebecca Lucas is the Curator for the Middlebrook Center and is in touch with everything that happens in and around our busy center.


–Rebecca Lucas

“Eating California” Project Manager








Before I became involved with the California Native Garden Foundation, I knew that I wanted to serve my community by helping bridge the gap between the earth and our plates. As the “Eating California” Project Manager for CNGF and the curator of The Middlebrook Center, home to both CNGF and Middlebrook Gardens. I am able to connect with young students and community members to educate about healthy living, healthy eating, and the importance of sustaining natural ecosystem services to sustain our future. With your generous grant money, we are able to continue hosting events that act as educational tools for the community to learn about native Californian edible plants, how to live in a way that reduces stress upon natural resources, and reminding ourselves of the pure beauty and life our earth provides us.

Thank you.


Teaching at Middlebrook Center! Plants are cool!

Brendan teaching at the Middlebrook Center! Plants are cool!



-Brendan Ruiz

ELSEE Educator






Our ELSEE classes are off to a great start! Our students from St. Leo’s have planted native and edible plants in our new living playstructure at our flagship garden on Race Street, and are looking forward to cooking some delicious food with the fruits, vegetable and herbs that it will produce later this year. Other classes who have visited our garden on field trips have helped out in the garden feeding snails to our fish and transplanting vegetable seedlings. We have also begun working with several classes at Independence High School and Pegasus High School in San Jose. Using an aquaponics system that their greenhouse club helps to operate, we teach a variety of subjects to supplement their classroom learning with fun, engaging, hands-on lessons and activities in the greenhouse and around their campus. We’re looking forward to starting ELSEE classes in several other local schools in the coming months.

Thank you.


Funds from our schools, donations, events and other foundations and corporations have also helped fund your work.

Stay up to date with the Middlebrook Center by visiting our website or come see in person at 76 Race Street in downtown San Jose and see what we’re doing. We are open during the week until 4PM and on the weekends during our events. Check our our website for updates

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