Upcoming Projects and Grants at Middlebrook

The grant-writing team has been busy this month. Here is a list of some of the things we are doing through the nonprofit California Native Garden Foundation as well as the ELSEE education program.

  • We are discussing plans to establish partnerships with underprivileged schools and communities in California to build gardens and improve their local environment.
  • We are putting nurseries and other indigenous plant sources in contact with each in order to restore our native environment as well as foster a sense of community and unity.
  • We are continuing our work with Cecilio Dimas, the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) director of the Santa Clara County Office of Education, to promote the Art aspect of STEAM.
  • We are focusing on projects with an artistic focus as well as an ecological one. Art enriches lives and is an integral part of all that we do.
  • We are actively involved in a partnership with Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). Part of this project to convert lawns at four school properties into indigenous riparian gardens to minimize the use of water. At the same time, students learn about the value of water conservation and indigenous landscapes and the relationship between them.
  • We attended the Stanford Jobs fair to recruit more brilliant young minds to contribute to our work here. We are offering an International Fellowship to work with the Rotary Club on our projects in Africa. Other projects with local universities include seeking the support of the head of Environmental Studies at Santa Clara University.

Stay up to date with the Middlebrook Center and everything we do at CNGF and ELSEE  by visiting http://middlebrookcenter.com/elsee/ or visit us in person at 76 Race Street in downtown San Jose and see what we’re doing. We are open during the week until 4 pm and on the weekends during our events.

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