Erlandson Treehouse

This long tree house uses living riparian trees as its architectural structure instead of milled lumber. Children will find the Erlandson Treehouse a fun place to sit in and read, to ponder nature, or just to dash through as they explore ELSEE. tree-house-1   Axel Erlandson is known for his “circus trees,” created using grafting techniques in the Central Valley. In 1947, he moved them to Scotts Valley, California, to attract tourists. Now you can see some of the Erlandson trees in Gilroy Gardens, Gilroy, California. The technique is one kind of tree management. You can create the shape and form you desire by making the appropriate cuts when the tree is young. The ultimate technique for vigorous tree management is bonsai, but there are so many others tree/shrub shaping protocols, such as coppicing, espalier, pleaching, eco-architecture, or even creating living sculpture. ELSEE is sponsored by the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF).
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