Vertical Farm

Vertical Farm designer Dickson Despommier: “The best way is to farm in urban centers, because that’s where we all live.” (2008)

At ELSEE, a small-scale vertical urban farm serves as a teaching tool, rather than a production facility. It uses aquaculture and hydroponics technologies, and features two stories, a rooftop garden, and a seating area. The space-saving vertical farm frees more land for use as native ecological gardens including abundant native edible plants.

Vertical Farm

One goal is to restore as much of our soils to as natural a state as possible, while growing short-term conventional food crops in vertical gardens to conserve natural habitat in the urban environment.

Vertical Farm stage one Structure        Vertical Farm stage two Plants

Vertical Farm stage three Enclosure        Vertical Farm motor Motor

This detail view of the roof includes a fountain with a recirculating waterfall.

Detail of vertical farm roof

See more of Dickson Despommier explaining the details of Vertical Farming.

ELSEE is sponsored by the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF).

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