Subterranean Center

The Subterranean Visitor’s Center is a rammed-earth structure featuring a handicapped-access ramp, terraced planting beds, and a native grass roof garden with hand-mosaic sky portals.

Subterranean Visitor's Center

Subterranean Visitor's Center

Inside is a reception area and information welcome desk, a computer resource center for research, and a comprehensive, open-access library dedicated to subjects consistent with the ELSEE philosophy. These include sustainable agricultural practices, native garden construction and maintenance, and urban gardening. The Visitor’s Center is part bookstore, part library, and part neighborhood meeting hall.

Inside the Visitor's Center
Roof cutaway

Library and research area
Library and research area

Roof cutaway from above
Roof cutaway, from above

ELSEE is sponsored by the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF).

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