What’s new at ELSEE in November? We are thankful for volunteers

We are in a propagating frenzy these days and could use some eager volunteers. We are already working on the regenerative farm model for the Agrihood in our gardens at the ELSEE lab and at Hester School!

Your help now can contribute to more innovation in regenerative farming practices. We hope this eco-friendly model will become the new norm in urban agriculture.

You can help us show folks how much food we can grow while preserving habitat and gardening with native plants.

As a potential volunteer, here is what you may choose from:

•Propagating native food plants like watercress, miners lettuce and arrow root for our Aquaponics farm.

•Propagating wild flowers to create an Indian inspired power bar filled with toasted seeds like Indian rice grass, Chia, red maids, clarkia, tar weed, dried huckleberries and purple needle grass.

•Propagating elderberry, chokecherry, hazelnut, golden currant, huckleberry and squawbush. These will yield nutritious berries and nuts and will be additionally used as landscape plants, especially as hedgerows and riparian species watered with storm water and greywater.

•Propagating perennial food plants inspired by permaculture practice. Such edibles as French sorrel, chayote, New Zealand spinach, artichoke, sunchoke, quailbush, opuntia, golden berry, tree collards, and rhubarb.

Volunteers anyone? Please contact info@cngf.org and let us know which projects you would most like do! Or call us at 408-292-9993.


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