CNGF Eating California Holiday Event

We invite you to attend CNGF’s final monthly “Eating California” event. In celebration of the yuletide season and Silicon Valley’s rich Hispanic heritage, we will be holding a tamale-making class. Native edibles expert, Chef John Farais, will be presiding in the Middlebrook Center’s kitchen with special guest, Dolores Delao, the tamale queen, invited by Alrie Middlebrook.

Arrive early and we will teach you how to make the fluffiest and most savory tamales. Learn the secrets that deliver satisfying flavor and just the right amount of spice. Please bring your own pre-soaked corn husks and filling if you would like tamale-making lessons. Arrive by 10:00 AM to participate in the class.

76 Race Street – Dan Jose, CA
10:00 -2:00 December 19th, 2015

Eating California Menu

Rustic Mexican Salad
Three Sisters Succotash
Tamale Trio Platter
Rice & Beans
Jamaica Infusion

Donation – $25.00


CNGF will also be showcasing the film “Open Sesame-The Story of Seeds.


story of seeds

Victoria Armigo will present a documentary about the history of seeds and renewed interest by small farmers in preserving rare and valuable plant strains that are in danger of being lost forever. The film also examines the role of large corporations and how they influence trends in modern agriculture. Showing begins at 12:00



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