Final Plea for DCP!

Dear Friends and Supporters of DCP,

If you haven’t written a letter to the Mercury News, or the school board trustees or the top administrators of SJUSD, this is your last chance! The vote is next Thursday.

Please refer to our previous post with email addresses and contact information of people that need to be aware of how you feel:

Please join us next Tuesday (Jan 27) at 2:30 for a tour of our Middlebrook Center gardens at 76 Race St. in downtown San Jose.    After the tour we will walk together to DCP to meet with their students and teachers in the garden and attend their farm stand event. Please join us and school board members so you can see how these two garden programs serve each other and the many school classes that visit our demonstration gardens at Race St. Will you come at 2:30 next Tuesday? Will you ask your friends to join you?

Thank you. Alrie Middlebrook

President The California Native Garden Foundation

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Downtown College Prep's ELSEE teaching Gardens.

Downtown College Prep’s ELSEE teaching Gardens.





 San Jose Unified has proposed displacing DCP from its 10-year home at the former Hester campus.
Why this issue matters to DCP and others across San Jose:

San Jose is the 10th largest city
in the United States.

San Jose Unified is the largest urban
school district in the region.

Low-income Latino students comprise
40% of San Jose Unified School District.

Only 144 low-income Latino high school graduates
from San Jose Unified can apply to a four-year college,
or 15% percent of all low-income Latino high school graduates. (DataQuest; Average 2012/13)

  DCP graduates more low-income Latino students eligible to apply to a four-year university than any other high school in SJUSD.
In fact, 1 in 4 of every college-ready students from SJUSD, graduates from DCP. (DataQuest 2013; 2011-13)

Recent Editorial
Jennifer Andaluz and David Herrera outline DCP’s concerns with the SJUSD proposed move in this recent editorial.  

Click Here to Read Editorial

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