Garden for Ghana – November 2015

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From 2-6 November CNGF’s President and Founder, Alrie Middlebrook attended a conference in Accra, Ghana on “promoting innovative composting alternates of agricultural and municipal waste “.   The introduction and continuation of composting is a key factor in making sustainable gardens  successful and the knowledge is valuable to any sustainable garden regardless of location. The conference proved a success and both networking and knowledge was gained . Alrie presented at the conference and this helped  increase awareness of the work being done in Yamoransa. She also meet other sustainability agricultural leaders enabling the Yamoransa project to become part of a larger network facilitating the sharing of ideas and best practices and increasing the recognition and action being taken in Yamoransa. The goal is for Yamoransa to become established as a National Service Project and increase recognition of the sustainability model being used.

After the conference Alrie went to Yamoransa with the goal of solidifying and building on the partnerships and work already achieved and on passing on the knowledge gained from the conference. 

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With a focus on partnerships Alrie met and brought together people from different sectors of the local community to reconfirm goals and align actions plans:

  • The students in the department of public health and agriculture UCC. (Cape Coast University)
  • The Green Club
  • AFS (American Field Services)
  • The religious Leaders from the Catholic and Methodist churches
  • The Elected Officials.
  • Zoomlion, the waste management corporation
  • A new supplier of plants and trees  (a local woman in Cape Coast who grows fruit trees and other useful plants)

With a focus on expanded the community involvement :

  • A Junior green club was started in the Methodist and Catholic Schools
  • College Student green Clubs were established  where work on the gardens would be counted as student service by the university and workdays on the gardens would be aligned with university assigned service days

Money now available through donations has made it feasible to associate financials with monthly goals in an established plan. Compensation will be provided to the green clubs as they reach the established monthly goals. Monthly progress reports including photographs  are required to establish if the goals have been meet. To ensure that the right training is in place to meet these goals Kwame will meet with the green club monthly to provide technical teaching e.g. How to harvest, how to handle pests without spraying, replanting…they will also get more technical support from the Department of Agriculture.

Two more of the initial 16 gardens have been started and a new additional 3 gardens identified making a total of 19.

The next visit is planned for August 2016

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