Help the CNGF Indiegogo Campaign



Please help us realize our vision by donating to the California Native Garden Foundation at the Middlebrook Center.

We are a relatively small non-profit, and we need your help to continue our mission to increase the popularity and use of California’s native plants, educate children and adults by incorporating eco-literacy lesson plans, and preserving, protecting and restoring native ecosystems.

With your contribution you will :

  • Support our teaching gardens in the heart of San Jose and beyond!
  • Help fund more school yard conversions from asphalt to teaching laboratories like our flagship ELSEE garden at 76 Race Street.
  • Help sponsor our events at The Middlebrook Center, Sustainable Saturdays, Living Neighborhood Series, class field trips, workshops, and Eating California events.
  • Help fund our grant writing, community outreach, garden teaching, and event planning staff.
  • Help fund a full time garden educator that will help us develop a curriculum and expand our education program.


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